I Am Back on the Soccer Field Now

When a friend recommended that I try PRP therapy in Westchester County NY, I had to ask him what he was even talking about. He told me that it is a treatment option for people who are suffering from the kind of injury that I had been dealing with for months. I play soccer even though I am well over the age of most of the guys on the team. I went after the ball and ended up colliding with someone. The doctor told me that I had pulled my hamstring muscle when I went there a few days later because the pain was just not letting up.

I had some exercises I was to do at home, plus some medication for the pain because it would flare up at any given time. I am not the type to take pills though, so I really focused on the physical therapy aspect of it. Well, let’s just say that it did not fully work for me. I was able to tolerate the pain better, but I was still having a lot of problems with it. I decided to look into the PRP therapy, and I am so glad that I did.

While it is not fully supported by the FDA here in the United States, it does have a lot of success stories associated with it. Professional golfers, footballers, and even soccer players have had this kind of therapy, and they swear by it. I figured if it is good enough for a professional sports player, then it is good enough for me to try too. The doctor who administered the therapy to me explained everything in detail, and it was not painful at all. I did not feel an instant relief, but it definitely came quicker than I expected. I am so glad that my friend urged me to try this out, because I am back out on the soccer field now.

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