Before and After Pictures of a Tummy Tuck: Three Things to Look Closely At

Anyone contemplating a cosmetic procedure or treatment wants to have some idea of what to expect. While results vary from one person to the next, things like before and after pictures of a tummy tuck can be a real asset when the time comes to make a final decision. These same photos can also be beneficial when it comes to choosing a plastic surgeon. There’s a lot of information hidden within these photos. Here are three things to check out closely.

Location of the Scar

There’s no way around it; there is going to be some type of scar with a tummy tuck. A mini procedure is going to have less of a scar but the actual tummy tuck is going to leave a scar from one hip bone across to the next. While this sounds extreme, most of the time a surgeon will place the scar low enough so that it is actually covered up by underwear. When browsing through the pictures, take the time to notice if the patients’ scars are visible and if they are low enough to be covered up by traditional underwear.

Condition of the Skin

It’s important to take a closer look at the skin to see how it has changed after the procedure. It should look tighter and firmer. There should not be a large excess amount of skin hanging over the top of the scar. At the same time, take note of stretch marks on the body. These are not necessarily removed by the procedure. Depending on the amount of the tuck and the exact area, there could still be some stretch marks left over. This can help with the creation of realistic expectations.

Shape of the Belly Button

The belly button is going to be affected by this type of procedure. There are multiple ways to address the belly button and some will have better results than others. In looking through before and after pictures, take note of the belly button and its final results. Different surgeons may have different preferred methods for umbilicoplasty. In addition to looking through photos, this is something that should be discussed with the surgeon in order to have clear expectations for the final results of the tummy tuck.

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